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    The British Museum Exhibiton: A History of the World in 100 Objects

    The British Museum Exhibiton: A History of the World in 100 Objects
    The British Museum, a repository for the cultural treasures of humankind, houses a vast collection of art and artefacts from almost every world region and historical period. “A History of the World in 100 Objects” tells a story of human creativity covering 2,000,000 years from prehistory to modern times through 100 items from the British Museum’s 7 million-strong collection.
    The carefully selected artefacts range from seemingly ordinary everyday articles to famous works of art featured in school textbooks. The 100 objects tell us deeply human stories about the people who used them?how they lived, what they believed, and the changes affecting their society. Viewers are apt to encounter objects from regions and cultures unknown to them, and they may also be surprised by the discoveries they make concerning objects from cultures close to their own.

    Visitors will be transported across time and space to all corners of the world.

    The exhibition will trace a history of human creativity from the Cradle of Humanity, where the world’s oldest stone tools were made, to contemporary global society through 100 objects selected from all eight departments of the British Museum’s collection.
    Visiting Japan will be artefacts of legendary fame, prominent even among the noted works in the collection. These include the “Lewis Chessmen” a replica of which appeared in the first Harry Potter Hollywood movie and the “Standard of Ur” reproduced in Japanese school textbooks.
    The Rosetta Stone, the British’s Museum’s most famous work, will also be displayed in the form of an actual-size replica created especially for this exhibition.

     April 18 (Sat) - June 28 (Sun), 2015
     Exhibition Rooms, Special Exhibition Wing
     Mondays, as well as the Thursday of May 7 (Open the Monday of May 4)
     9:30 - 17:30 (Last admission 17:00)
    Days of Extended Hours Fridays
     9:30 - 20:00 (Last admission 19:30)
     Advance tickets |
     General \1,300 / College students \1,100 / HS students \600 / Seniors 65+ \800
     ※Please see our website for details concerning advance tickets
     Tickets at the door |
     General \1,600 / College students \1,300 / HS students \800 / Seniors 65+ \1,000
     Group tickets |
     General \1,300 / College students \1,100 / HS students \600 / Seniors 65+ \800
     ※Group rates - 20 or more people
     ※Admission free for visitors junior high school age or younger
     ※Admission free for visitors (and one accompanying person) with a Physical Disability Certificate, Intellectual Disability Certificate, Rehabilitation Certificate, Mental Disability Certificate or Atomic Bomb Survivor’s Certificate
     ※In each case, please show identification
    Organized by
     Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), The British Museum, The Asahi Shimbun, NHK, NHK Promotions Inc,
    Supported by
     Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, British Council
    Sponsored by
     Kao Corporation, Canon Marketing Japan Inc, Daiwa House Industry Co.,Ltd, Mitsubishi Corporation, Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co., Ltd
    In Cooperation with
     National Museum of Ethology,Japan, JAPAN AIRLINES, Cathay Pacific Airways, Nippon Cargo Airlines, IDEAL BRAIN Co.,Ltd.
    Special WEB Site
    Telephone Inquiry
     TEL:03-5405-8686 (Hello Dial)

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    The University Art Museum - Tokyo University of the Arts

    High-Colour -Awake Japonism- The William S. and John T. Spaulding Collection at The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

    Apr 25 (Sat) - May 13 (Wed), 2015
    Closed on Mondays
    *open on May 4 (Mon)

    10:00-17:00 (Entry by 16:30)

    Chinretsukan Gallery 1F, 2F (The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts)


    Organized by Tokyo University of the Arts, Center of Innovation (COI) Program: Creating Innovation for “Synesensory” through Inspirational Art and Science and Technology

    NTT Hello Dial (Japanese Only) : 03-5777-8600