Kitakata-shokudo Menya-Gen

Address 4-7-15 Moto-Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Phone None (only private number)
Store hours Hours: 7:00-17:00 (Close earlier when sold out.)
Holiday: None

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Message from Hayato "Ramen Prince" Ishiyama


The owner/chef became independent from Menya-Gen, a renowned ramen restaurant in Kitakata region, by setting up his own ramen restaurant named after it. His ramen is of course Kitakata style. The soup is made with well-balanced stocks of seafood broths and bone/meat broths. The authentic, wavy Kitakata-style ramen noodle is the product of "Soga-seimen" located in Kitakata region. In addition, one of the things worthy of special mention is the super tender boiled pork back fat. The melted sweet fat is a free topping, and it beautifully covers the top of Shoyu & Miso ramens. It looks like ramens available at "Kan-nana-kei" ramen places located along Kanjo-nanagosen road; however, this is also the feature of authentic Kitakata ramen. Please enjoy the combined flavor of the sweet pork fat, the soup, and the wavy, chewy noodle.